1. Is KHO a ROBOT?

Ans. Yes, KHO is an AUTO TRADING ROBOT, which can filter Shares, Commodities, Forex Currencies, Indices and different Instruments that are recorded in a MT4 of a specific Broker of customers decision.

2. Does KHO Trades of its own? Both BUY & SELL.

Ans. Yes, As KHO is an AUTO TRADING ROBOT, it is intended to deal with both BUY and SELL Trades and exit as and when required with trailing STOPLOSS.


Ans. No, KHO is not an EXPERT ADVISOR, where as KHO is a JAVA BUILT SOFTWARE, which is worked with a UNIQUE TRADING STRATEGY, and test for over 4 years on MT4.

4. What are the Pre-requisite to use KHO?

Ans. The Pre-essential are

i. A DEMO OR REAL MT4 account from any Broker of customer's decision.
ii. Registration at www.ambiencefinserve.com/kho/programming interface , or an individual can take after the video at youtube.
iii. A Computer or Laptop with web association.
iv. 24x7 control reinforcement and Internet association.

5. Do we require KHO to attach MT4 CHARTS?

Ans. No, as KHO is software, it doesn't need to be attached to any MT4 charts.

6. How do KHO takes Trades in a MT4?

Ans. KHO is composed with the goal that it associates with customers MT4 account from remote PC, utilizing the customers MT4 USER ID AND PASSWORD given amid KHO enlistment. After login into customer's MT4 account, KHO gets every one of the information that are required by the UNIQUE TRADING STRATEGY, from customers MT4 terminal. The information's are then prepared by the UNIQUE TRADING STRATEGY and BUY or SELL Trades are taken as and when required.

7. What are the STOPLOSS for each trade?

Ans. The STOPLOSS for each exchange are additionally composed in KHO and are checked often after a BUY or SELL Trades are taken by KHO. There are 2 STOPLOSS kept up by KHO, one is general STOPLOSS and other is TRAILING STOPLOSS. The exchanges get EXIT when any of the STOPLOSS are hit.

8. What is the PROFIT PERCENTAGE of KHO?

Ans. KHO's UNIQUE TRADING STRATEGY has been test for over 4 years under various intense exchanging conditions, and it has been discovered that the PROFIT PERCENTAGE OF KHO is over 95%.

9. What are the files that are required to be installed, to use KHO?

Ans. For the installation, kindly see KHO installation Guide.

10. How can an individual install files?

Ans. The process of installation is very simple. The video of installation will be made available in youtube.

11. Can an individual get DEMO for KHO and try in an MT4?

Ans. Yes, an individual can get DEMO for KHO, valid for 7 days.

12. What are the subscription plans?

Ans. For the subscription plans for KHO kindly visit Click Here

13. Do you update KHO version?

Ans. Yes, we do update KHO version, with the changes that are required.

14. How can an individual come to know that a new version has been updated?

Ans. We shall intimate an individual by email id that is been registered with www.ambiencefinserve.com

15. I am having a account with another broker.  Can I use the same account for Algo Trading?

Ans: No. As your specialist is not connected for Algo Trading with Alphametrix MT4, you can't utilize the same account. Thus you need to open another Trading account with Proficient Group. To Open another Trading Account

16. To whom shall I send the filled in application form?

Ans. Download your application Form, Print it and Sign it at required zone, and send it to Ambience Financial Services, No 4/41, Sathyamoorthy 7th Street,
Meenambalpuram, Madurai 625002, Tamilnadu, India.
Ph: +91 78716 50199

17. To whom shall a client contact, during any kind of problem?

Ans. A Client shall contact

Ambience Financial Services, No 4/41, Sathyamoorthy 7th Street,
Meenambalpuram, Madurai 625002, Tamilnadu, India.
Ph: +91 78716 50199

18. How to pay for the subscription?

Step 1: Login with your Google Account.
Step 2: Fill in every one of the subtle elements. Snap Initiate Payment.
Step 3: Make Payment either thro' Online Fund Transfer.
Or, then again
Thro' NEFT or RTGS from your Bank.
Step 4: Fill in the exchange id or transfer the sweep duplicate of Bank Chellan.

19. How to pay thro' NEFT or RTGS from the Bank?

For eg: If you have account with Union Bank of India.

Step 1: Then go to your Union bank of India, fill the chellan with NEFT or RTGS points of interest.
Step 2: Fill in the check. (Expressing "YOURSELF")
Step 3: Submit the chellan and Check with the Officer in the Bank.
Step 4: Receive the Applicant duplicate of the Chellan.
Step 5: Fill in the Transaction ID.

20. How much do we have to pay for monthly subscription?

Ambience Financial Services: Rs. 600 or membership of your decision.
Ensemble Fintech: Rs. 570/ - (500+70 Service Tax)
Add up to Rs.1170/ - ought to be paid to enact ALGO TRADING.
Ques: Why do we need to pay for Symphony Fintech?
Ans: There are 3 organizations required in ALGO TRADING.

S. No

Company Name

Software Name

Software Job

Subscription Charges


Ambience Financial Services


Generate BUY or SELL Signal

Rs. 600/-


Symphony FinTech


Passes Signal to NOW or Nest Trading Terminal

Rs. 570/-
Rs. 500 + 70 Sevice tax


Proficient Group-Broker


Trading Terminal

Zero Subscription





Rs. 1170/_

21. What is the brokerage charged by Proficient Group?

All charges are charged at the actuals & are directly passed on to the client. For more details click here

22. How many days it will take to integrate my Trading account for ALGO TRADING?

It will take 2-3 days to integrate your Trading account for ALGO TRADING.

23. When a client have to pay the subscription?

As the Dormant record is not permitted. The customer need to pay for the membership promptly, to start account opening procedure. Subsequently the application will be prepared simply after the membership is gotten.


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